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TDC with Ultra-precise manufacturing

Accumulating our unique know-how, we have established world-class polishing processing techniques in the field of ultra-precise lapping/polishing. TDC offers one-stop shopping for complex parts and components requiring machining, grinding, lapping, and polishing applied to various shapes and materials.

  • Metal
  • Ceramics
  • Crystal
  • Resin
  • Semiconductor
  • New Materials
Special Capabilities
  • Surface Roughness

    TDC’S ultra-precise mirror polishing can achieve extreme surface roughness of Ra1nm on wide range of materials.

  • Flatness

    Our unique polishing technology can achieve a flatness of 30nm within 50mm dia. area, creating products ideal for use in precision stages of semiconductors .

  • Parallelism

    TDC realizes high-precision parallelism by precisely lapping both sides of surface.

  • Size tolerance

    TDC realizes work with submicron level of tolerance by careful and gradual lapping /polishing.

  • Angle

    By giving slope to the surface, we can create ultra precise angles such as ±3 seconds.

  • Sphericity

    TDC polish and create spheres with high spec sphericity.

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